Kulturhuset Fyren

Borgmästaregatan 6, 434 32 Kungsbacka

The attractive round building is the hub for cultural activities, teeming with life in every corner. It’s the living room of Kungsbacka residents.At Fyren there is a library, art gallery, concert hall, film room, school of the arts, conference rooms and a café. The park offers a playground and several sculptures. All events can be found under Det händer i Kungsbacka (What’s on in Kungsbacka). 

Kungsbacka Teater

Kungsbacka Teater is owned by Kungsbacka municipality and is run by the Culture & Tourism department. Kungsbacka Teater was inaugurated in 2006, and the stage is a modern hub for cultural experiences. It provides opportunities for productions of numerous different kinds: concerts, touring productions and own productions. The advanced stage technology meets the requirements set by the world of music, drama and dance.


434 32, Gertrudsgatan 4, 434 32 Kungsbacka

Emanuelskyrkan in Kungsbacka is a small Christian church with an active congregation. The members organise events such as choir festivals, lectures, excursions and much more. The interior is peaceful and beautiful, decorated with a large ceiling chandelier.

Kungsbacka Kyrka

Kyrkogatan 15, 434 30 Kungsbacka

Kungsbacka kyrka was built in 1864–1865 in he neo-Gothic style and was inaugurated in 1875. It is a wooden church designed by Johan Fredrik Åbom. Since the Middle Ages, this has been the site of several different churches in both wood and stone. The interior features beautiful murals by Einar Forseth and an organ built by Olof Hammarberg.