Kulturhuset Komedianten

Engelbrektsgatan 7, 432 80 Varberg

Kulturhuset Komedianten is constantly simmering with activity, for all ages. It houses Varberg City Library, Varbergs Theatre and small theatre, an art gallery and a café.

Varbergs Teater

Engelbrektsgatan 5, 432 41 Varberg

Varbergs Theater opened in 1895, and has since then been an important cultural landmark in the city. In 2011 the theater was declared a heritage building.

Varbergs Fästning

Varbergs Fästning, 432 44 Varberg

The oldest parts of  Varberg Fortress date from the 13th century and were built by count Jacob Nielsen. Today there are several different activities on the fortress. The remains of the Bocksten Man and his unique dress from the 14th century, as well as the Kulknappen – the shot that is assumed to have killed Carl XII – can be viewed here.


Kulturhuset Fyren

Borgmästaregatan 6,  434 32 Kungsbacka

Kulturhuset Fyren is the meeting point for those who are interested in culture. You can borrow books at the town’s main library, see contemporary art at the Kungsbacka Konsthall, have a meal at the Café Trubaduren, attend various concerts and lectures. The Kulturhuset also hosts fun events for kids.

Kungsbacka Teater

Gymnasiegatan 42, 434 50 Kungsbacka

Kungsbacka Theater is owned by Kungsbacka municipality and is run by the Culture and Tourism Administration. Kungsbacka Theater was opened in autumn 2006 and the scene is a modern center for cultural experiences. The theater has the opportunity to host performances of many different kinds; Concerts, dance and theater, both touring productions and own productions.


434 32, Gertrudsgatan 4, 434 32 Kungsbacka

The Emanuelskyrkan church in Kungsbacka, Sweden is a small christian church with an active congregation. Members organize events such as choir musicals, readings, picnics and social outings among others. The interior of the church is peaceful and beautiful, adorned by large and ornate candelabra hanging from the ceiling.



Tjolöholms Slott, 439 74 Fjärås

Tjolöholm was built for grand parties and socialising. As in most British castles, the main hall is the heart of the building, and was where guests were received. The eight-meter tall fireplace symbolises the castle’s hospitality – the larger the fireplace, the more hospitable the host.



Tjolöholms byväg 73, 439 74 Fjärås


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