Programme & Artists

Change Music Festival – Music without boundaries

On 15-18 August 2019, the Change Music Festival is back with world-class chamber music. The festival, which is now biennal, is held every other year and is arranged in Varberg and Kungsbacka with Tjolöholm Castle as a beautiful center.

From the wild landscape of Sweden’s Western coastline one looks across the Kattegatt sea to the Danish peninsula. The region is famous for it´s rich marine gastronomy. The unique castle of Tjolöholm nestles between the two towns of Varberg – known for its wonderful surf and historical fortress – and picturesque Kungsbacka – only a short drive from the vibrant city of Gothenburg.

For a few days in August this corner of the Swedish landscape is flooded with a rich mix of music. Change Music Festival has its roots in chamber music but has grown in to a special meeting place for music of all kinds, where folk, jazz, world music and dance all collide and sit side by side. Artists in recent editions have included Anne Sofie von Otter, Lawrence Power, Antonio Serrano, the Elias and Vertavo string quartets, Dreamers’ Circus and Baroksolistene. The internationally renowned Kungsbacka Piano Trio and Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble are in residence every festival and artists for 2019 will include the Chiaroscuro Quartet with Alina Ibragimova, chamber orchestra ‘Musica Vitae’ and Emilia Amper (a virtuoso of the Swedish keyed-fiddle) with music from Baroque to the present day.

The theme for 2019 is ‘Icons’ and circles around some of the creative pillars of music history – works, performers, composers and events that have defined the cultural world in Scandinavia and around the World.

Warm welcome!

/Simon Crawford Phillips, artistic director


Thursday August 15th

13.00 RISING STARS, Varbergs Teater  Tickets

14.00 FESTIVAL TEASER, Kulturhuset Fyren in Kungsbacka – No entrance fee

19.00 Opening Concert – THE CREATION, Kungsbacka Teater  Tickets

Friday August 16th

11.00 Children’s Concert – DANCE OF THE DRUMS, Kulturtorget, Kulturhuset Fyren in Kungsbacka – No entrance fee 

12.00 TOMORROW’S WORLD, Snäckan, Kulturhuset Fyren in Kungsbacka  Tickets

14.00 HAYDN’S JOKE, Emanuelskyrkan in Kungsbacka  Tickets

16.00 NATURE’S MUSIC, Naturum Fjärås Bräcka  Tickets

18.00 LIFE OR DEATH, Slottshallen at Tjolöholms slott Tickets

20.30 HAYDN’S FOLK, Magasinet at Tjolöholms slott  Tickets

Saturday August 17th

10.00 LIFE’S MUSIC, Varbergs kyrka  Tickets

11.30 Children’s Concert – DANCE OF THE DRUMS, Lilla Teatern at Kulturhuset Komedianten in Varberg – No entrance fee

13.00 BAROQUE AND ROLL SESSION, Eskils Källare, Varbergs Fästning – No entrance fee

16.00 FOLK JAM SESSION, Lilla Teatern at Kulturhuset Komedianten in Varberg  Tickets

17.00 BEYOND THE NOTES 1, Evenemangsplatsen at Varbergs Teater – No entrance fee

18.00 IN BEETHOVEN’S SHADOWVarbergs Teater  Tickets

21.00 CLASSIC JAM SESSION, The restaurant at Varbergs Stadshotell  Tickets

 August 18th 

12.00 A VOCAL PICNIC, Tjolöholms Slottskyrka  Tickets  

14.00 PLAYING WITH B-A-C-H, Tjolöholms Slottskyrka – No entrance fee

16.00 BEYOND THE NOTES  2, Manegen at Tjolöholms slott – No entrance fee

17.00 SYMPHONIC ICONIC, Magasinet at Tjolöholms slott  Tickets

19.30 SHOCKING, SURPRISING AND SUBLIME, Slottshallen at Tjolöholms slott  Tickets