Friday August 16

11.00 Kulturtorget at Kulturhuset Fyren in Kungsbacka

Children’s Concert – DANCE OF THE DRUMS

Rhythm is one of the fundamental building blocks of all music and the perfect starting point for this fascinating performance. Rhythm Art Duo and Veera Suvola Grimberg have collaborated to chart a musical journey where rhythm is translated and expressed directly through dance and drama.
A new performance especially for Change Music Festival and designed for children and family.

40 minutes – No entrance fee 


Daniel Berg – Percussion
Fredrik Duvling – Percussion
Veera Suvalo-Grimberg – Dance/Voice

12.00 Snäckan at Kulturhuset Fyren in Kungsbacka


Britta Byström is probably Sweden’s most established female composer. Her considerable success was furthered last year when her Horn Trio Diagonal Musik, commissioned and premiered by the British horn player, Chris Parkes, was awarded the Swedish Music Awards prize for the best Chamber music work. The work is directly inspired by the art of Olle Baertling and these images will accompany the performance. Another central musical figure in Swedish musical life is the composer Jesper Nordin. His trio, another commission by a Change musician, Rick Stotijn, this piece will receive its world premiere at the festival.
The concert will be recorded by the channel P2 on Swedish Radio. 

50 minutes  Tickets


Chris Parkes – French horn
Malin Broman – Violin
Simon Crawford-Phillips – Piano


Britta Byström                                                   Horn Trio
Britta Byström                                                   A Walk to Brahms World Premiere!

14.00 Emanuelskyrkan in Kungsbacka


Haydn’s string quartets are without question the cornerstone of the repertoire. The Chiaroscuro Quartet’s unique musical voice brings a freshness, integrity and vigour to this great music and their performances at the festival are a must. The enterprising Stockholm Brass Quintet complement this with two classics of their repertoire, one from the Swede, Bo Nilsson and the other from one of the 20th century’s finest all-round musicians who sadly died recently, André Previn.

50 minutes  Tickets


John Axelsson – Trumpet
Elias Svanberg – Trumpet
Johan Ahlin – French horn
Mats Agnelid – Trombone
Karl-Johan Elf- Tuba

Alina Ibragimova – Violin
Pablo Hernán – Violin
Emilie Hörnlund – Viola
Claire Thirion – Cello


Bo Nilsson                                                     Infrastruktur svit
Joseph Haydn                                             Sting Quartet no 2 Op.33
André Previn                                               Four Outings 

16.00 Naturum Fjärås Bräcka


In this wonderful setting the musical sounds of nature mix with the natural sounds of music. A solo instrumental line seems to have inspired some composers to even greater heights – this is clearly heard in this collection of mind-bending and genre-bending solos. From Debussy’s Syrinx to Maxwell Davies Sea-Eagle and Joan Tower’s Wings these wonderful instrumentalists perform works which have come to define and re-define the possibilities of colour, virtuosity and expression on their instruments. 

50 minutes  Tickets


Sara Hammarström – Flute
Chris Parkes – French horn
Verity Gunning-Olsson – Oboe
Jesper Svedberg – Cello
Johannes Thorell – Saxophone 


Claude Debussy                                                     Syrinx
Betsy Jolas                                                                 Episode
Peter Maxwell Davies                                        Sea Eagle
Benjamin Britten                                                   Metamorphoses after Ovid
Mark-Anthony Turnage                                    Milo
Joan Tower                                                                Wings

18.00 Slottshallen at Tjolöholms slott


Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde and in particular the prelude to the opera changed the course of musical history for ever. Schubert’s Death and the Maiden string quartet, another great work fixated on the idea of death, takes its name from one of his own songs that he used as a theme for the quartet’s masterful set of variations – its impact on the listener remains as powerful today as it must have been then. As a foil to all this emotional angst we hear the life-affirming music of Beethoven and Dvorák. Beethoven used his first three piano trios to launch himself as a composer – this daring debut was to be the first step towards superstardom.
The concert will be recorded by the channel P2 on Swedish Radio.

120 minutes including interval  Tickets


Kungsbacka Piano Trio
Chiaroscuro Quartet
Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble 


Richard Wagner                                             Prelude from Tristan och Isolde
Ludwig van Beethoven                              Pianotrio Op.1, no.1 


Antonín Dvorák                                             Notturno
Franz Schubert                                               String Quartet n0.14 (Death and the Maiden)

20.30 Magasinet at Tjolöholms slott


Musica Vitae. Foto: Alexander Mahmoud

Haydn was fascinated by folk music. He was surrounded by it throughout his life and naturally allowed it to permeate his own compositions. This concert celebrates this with a fascinating collage of Haydn’s symphonic works and traditional folk music, some from Haydn’s time and some from the present. Emilia Amper and Dan Knagg, both stars of the folk music scene are the perfect partners to bridge these two worlds – particularly as Haydn wrote also for an instrument called the ‘Baryton’, a distant relative of the Swedish ‘Nyckelharpa’! In complete contrast we begin the concert with two composers who have also harnessed the ‘other’ music that they hear around them – Leonard Bernstein and Andrea Tarrodi. 

80 minutes – Tickets


Stockholm Brass Quintet
Musica Vitae
Change Festival Soloists
Emilia Amper – Nyckelharpa
Dan Knagg – Percussion
Simon Crawford-Phillips – Conductor/Klavier 


Andrea Tarrodi                                                                   Drache Frau
Leonard Bernstein                                                           Dance Suite
Leonard Bernstein                                                           Somewhere  

Joseph Haydn                                                                     Symfoni nr 6 ‘Le Matin’, sats 1
Emilia Amper/Dan Knagg                                           Vallåtsimprovisation
Joseph Haydn                                                                     Symfoni nr 44 ‘Sorgessymfonin sats 4 
Emilia Amper                                                                       Ljus i Mörkrets Tid
Joseph Haydn                                                                      Symfoni nr 45 ‘Avskedssymfonin sats 3
Karl Michael Ritter von Esser                                   Polonesse
Trad. vals från Övre Österrike                                  Schwedisch
Joseph Haydn                                                                      Symfoni nr 4, sats 2
Emilia Amper                                                                       Polska fra Hoffsmyran
Joseph Haydn                                                                      Pianokonsert nr 11, sats 3 ‘Rondo allungarese
Trad. kärlekssång Csango från Moldavien        Ezt a lányt szeretem
Joseph Haydn                                                                      Symfoni nr 104, sats 4
Emilia Amper                                                                       Spelpuma