Saturday August 17th

10.00 Varbergs Kyrka


A festival of musical icons would not be complete without the music of Gustav Mahler. He strived to complete his tenth symphony – something that composers since Beethoven had been struggling with – and yet only left the Adagio complete. This music is a distillation of the deeply personal and expressive late-romantic language that so many people have a very strong connection too. Mendelssohn also had Beethoven strongly in his mind when he wrote his string quartet in A minor, a powerful work strongly inspired by Beethoven’s own string quartet op.132. A startling fanfare by the Luciano Berio and atmospheric music by Sally Beamish complete the programme.

60 minutes  Tickets  


Stockholm Brass Quintet
Music Vitae
Malin Broman – violin/viola 


Luciano Berio                                       Call
Gustav Mahler                                    Adagio from Symphony No 10
Sally Beamish                                       Under the Wing of the Rock
Felix Mendelssohn                            Quartet Op.13

11.30 Lilla Teatern at Kulturhuset Komedianten in Varberg

Children’s Concert – DANCE OF THE DRUMS

Rhythm is one of the fundamental building blocks of all music and the perfect starting point for this fascinating performance. Rhythm Art Duo and Veera Suvola Grimberg have collaborated to chart a musical journey where rhythm is translated and expressed directly through dance and drama.
A new performance especially for Change Music Festival and designed for children and family.

40 minutes – No entrance fee


Daniel Berg – Percussion
Fredrik Duvling – Percussion
Veera Suvalo-Grimberg – dance

14.00 Eskils källare, Varbergs Fästning


Varberg’s Fortress is itself a local icon. This year is its 400th anniversary and what better way to celebrate than with a concert of music from the same period. We are delighted to have baroque specialists Johannes Rostamo, Emma Nyman and Fredrik Bock present a speciality crafted programme written around the time that the fortress was completed and some of which has direct connections to Varberg. Don’t miss a unique opportunity to experience music in its natural environment. Works by Dowland, Castello, StradellaGabrielli, Buxtehude and Gemin

60 minutes – No entrance fee 


Emma Nyman – Violin
Johannes Rostamo – Cello
Fredrik Bock – Lute 


John Dowland                                     Music for Lute 
Dario Castello                                     Sonata prima per soprano solo 
Alessandro Stradella                      Sinfonia XIII 
Domenico Gabrielli                         Sonata per violoncello
Dietrich Buxtehude                        Trio Sonata
Francesco Geminiani                     Sonata a violino e basso continuo Op. 4, No.5

16.00 Lilla Teatern at Kulturhuset Komedianten in Varberg


Emilia Amper is one of a kind when it comes to the Nyckelharpa (keyed-fiddle). Awarded Artist of the year at the Swedish Folk & World Music Awards she is a pioneer and an ambassador for her instrument and her music. A regular collaborator is Dan Knagg, one of Sweden’s most talented and diverse multi-instrumentalists. Here we give them ‘carte blanche’ to ‘jam’ and the results will be breath taking. Their influences are wide-reaching and their music-making infectious.

60 minutes  Tickets  


Emilia Amper – Nyckelharpa
Dan Knagg – Percussion 


Traditional mixed with new works and improvisation

17.00 Evenemangsplatsen at Kulturhuset Komedianten


Åke Holmquist discusses iconic moments, events and composers from the history of music.

Åke Holmquist is educated in Stockholm and Vienna and is a PhD in modern history. Holmquist held various positions at Rikskonserter 1971-1986 and between 1980-1986 he was artistic director. In the years 1986-1999 he was CEO and artistic director at Stockholm Concert Hall Foundation/The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Stockholm and took the initiative for annual recurring composer festivals. He was vice preses in the Royal Academy of Music 1998-2001 and its permanent secretary 2001-2010.

30 minutes – No entrance fee, take advantage of the presentation of a ticket to a festival concert

18.00 Varbergs Teater


Beethoven is a towering presence in this year’s Change Music Festival and perhaps no other composer was more influenced by him more than the Russian composer Dimitri Shostakovich. Shostakovich is himself a colossal figure in musical history, not least because of the political oppression he suffered under Stalin’s regime. One particular response to this was the composition of his 8th string quartet, composed in only three days in 1960 and dedicated “to the victims of fascism and the war”. This special concert juxtaposes the two composers performed by these acclaimed ensembles.  After the interval there will be a tribute to the recently deceased swedish composer Sven-David Sandström.

60 minutes  Tickets  


Kungsbacka Piano Trio 
Chiaroscuro Quartet
Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble
Karin Dahlberg, soprano
Simon Crawford-Phillips, piano 


Ludwig van Beethoven                                  Piano Trio Op.1, No.2
Dimitrij Sjostakovitj                                        Chamber SymphonyOp.110a 


Sven-David Sandström                                 Som eldflugan tänds och slocknar
Ludwig van Beethoven                                 String Quartet Op.18, No.5

21.00 The Restaurant at Varbergs Stadshotell


With so many phenomenal musicians under one roof we couldn’t resist the chance to offer you an intimate concert with a glass of wine and some musical surprises. Festival musicians come to the party with their own choice of short favourites from their repertoire – this is a one-off so don’t miss it!! 

60 minuter  Tickets