Change Music Festival 2013 – today

Festival History

Change Music Festival is a chamber music festival that started in 2013 when the two music festivals Music at the Kattegat in Varberg and Kungsbacka Chamber Music Festival merged. The key word was change and the Change Music Festival saw the light of day. Each time the festival is based on a theme that permeates the program, ranging from the selection of artists to pieces of music and the combination between them. Between 2013 and 2017, the Change Music Festival was held every year in August, since 2018 the festival is a biennial, that is, it is arranged every two years. But for the audience to continue to take part in world-class chamber music every year, arrange the organization behind the Change Music Festival to arrange concerts at well-chosen venues even during the middle years.

Artistic director of the Change Music Festival is Simon Crawford Phillips.

Simon Crawford Phillips.
Simon Crawford Phillips

Change Music Festival 2018

Concerts in various places:

Nov 22 – Varberg’s theater: Benjamin Schmid meets Musica Vitae

Nov 17 – Emanuel Church in Kungsbacka: Handel’s Messiah with Odd Size

Oct 13 – Kungsbacka Theater: Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble ”Nadia Boulanger – La femme du siècle”

Oct 14 – Varberg’s Theater: Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble ”Nadia Boulanger – La femme du siècle”

September 9th – Family concert at the Children’s Festival in Varberg with Hello Opera: From Earth to the Moon

Aug 17 – Kulturhuset The comedian in Varberg: Lecture and author visit with Nicholas Ringskog Ferrada-Noli

Aug 2 – Kungsbacka Church: ESV Piano Trio

12 and 13 July – Tjolöholm Castle: Kungsbacka Piano Trio & Stina Ekblad “Schumania”


Change Music Festival 2017

Voyages – a tonal journey in time and space

During Change Music Festival 2017 we will be paying tribute to the constant flow of culture in time and space. We will do this by highlighting composers forced to leave their homelands, music styles that have emerged through the destruction of places and history, and musicians who have been united over country borders through music.

As ever, we are bringing together some of Europe’s most established and ground-breaking chamber music ensembles. Vertavokvartetten, Barokksolistene and Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble are just a few examples of exciting groups and careers that can be enjoyed during this year’s Change Music Festival. The artists we are welcoming to the festival include Spanish harmonica virtuoso Antonio Serrano, the ethnic composer Mirjam Tally and Danish folk trio Dreamers’ Circus. What they all have in common is that they have chosen not to limit themselves to any particular style or genre. Chamber music is at the heart of the festival, but we want it to be challenged and be able to gain inspiration from literature, dance, film, circus, jazz and folk music.

2017 programme 


14:00 Flamenco at Fästningen – Antonio Serrano Josemi Carmona and Javier Colina.

19:00 Opening concert at Kungsbacka Teater. Music by Beethoven, Tolstoy, Ravel and others


11:00 Family performance in Varberg. Tant Meier, koltrasten (Mrs Meyer the Bird)

12:00 Opera Varberg – Mozartoperan in på bara skinnet (Mozart Opera – Up Close and Personal). Komedianten

13:30 Varbergs konsertförening: Med sångens vingar (On Wings of Song). Karin Dahlberg sings Mahler and others

13:00 Change Music Café in Kungsbacka. Kristina Issa Band

14:00 Family performance in Kungsbacka. Tant Meier, koltrasten (Mrs Meyer the Bird)

15:00 Musik utan gränser (Music without borders) – Emanuelskyrkan Kungsbacka.

18:00 Kungsbacka Piano Trio meets Vertavokvartetten – Tjolöholm Castle

20:30 Alehouse Session in Magasinet – Tjolöholm Castle

22:30 Spanish Flamenco at Rest. Tio Pepe in Kungsbacka


11:00 Rachmaninovs Symfoniska Resa (Rachmaninov’s Symphonic Journey) – Varbergs Teater

16:00 The Voyager – Kulturhuset Varberg. Kungsbacka Piano Trio, Lawrence Power, Daniel Berg, Mirjam Tally

18:00 Folk Stories – Varbergs Teater. Kungsbacka Piano Trio, Vertavokvartetten, Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble and others


11:00 Meditation – From Russia with love – Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble

13:00 En cirkusdröm (A circus dream). Jay Gilligan
Tjolöholm Castle shop

15:00 Dance, Dance, Dance – Tjolöholm Magasinet. Baroque dancer Karin Modigh

18:00 The Downton Years, Slottshallen, Tjolöholm Castle. Lili Boulanger, Ravel, Brahms.

20:30 Dreamers’ Circus. Folk music at Tjolöholm, Magasinet

2017 artists

Antonio Serrano Trio, Barokksolistene, Big Fat Brass, Kungsbacka Piano Trio, Dreamers’ Circus, Change Festivalorkester, Change Kammarsolister, Frilansteatern, Opera Varberg, Rythm Art Duo, Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble, Trio Wolski, Vertavoorkestern, Kulturskolans kammarensemble, Kristina Issa Band, Nordic Baroque Dancers and others.

Change Music Festival 2016
The Enlightenment

The Enlightenment was a philosophical movement that dominated the world of ideas in Europe during the 1700s. Some of the key goals for Enlightenment thinkers were liberty, progress, reason and tolerance.

Openness to new ideas and experimentation with different art forms is at the very heart of Change Music Festival. This year we have different themes that can be related to the Enlightenment in its various meanings.

As always we are attempting to bring together various musical and artistic genres to provide a wider range of impressions. In keeping with Tjolöholm Castle’s Jane Austen theme, we are highlighting the changes in gender roles since the 1800s and presenting women artists in roles that are both well-known and more surprising. In addition to more famous composers, works by composers such as Britta Byström, Karin Malmlöf-Forsling, Clara Schumann and Fanny Mendelssohn will be performed, and the festival will include guest appearances from actors Stina Ekblad from the Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre and British actor Anna Madeley, known from Jane Austen productions and the TV series Mr. Selfridge.

The festival is full of exciting projects and this year features artists such as Kungsbacka’s own violinist Malin Broman, the accomplished soprano Karin Dahlberg and the folk music duo Hazelius/Hedin along with Musica Vitae. We also get to experience world music from the Ale Möller Trio, the fantastic juggler Jay Gilligan, double bass virtuoso Rick Stotijn, guitar maestros David Härenstam and Gustav Lundgren and as always our house orchestras Kungsbacka Piano Trio and Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble.

2016 programme


12:15 Kungsbacka Kyrka – Framtiden tolkar Beethoven (The future plays Beethoven)

13:00 Norra Fästningshörnan, Varberg – Musica Vitae & Hazelius/Hedin

13:00 Badhusparken, Kungsbacka – Vaudou Game i parken (Vaudou Game in the Park)

14:00 Badhusparken, Kungsbacka – Pionjärer i samklang (Pioneers in Harmony)

15:00 Kulturhuset Fyren, Kungsbacka – Change World Music Café

19:00 Kungsbacka Teater – Opening concert


13.00 Kulturhuset Komedianten, Varberg – Change World Music Café

14.00 Varbergs Teater, Komedianten – Vaudou Game på teatern (Vaudou Game at the Theatre)

15.00 Emanuelskyrkan, Kungsbacka – Stina Ekblad & David Härenstam

18.00 Slottshallen, Tjolöholm Castle – Dedicated to…

20.30 Manegen, Tjolöholm Castle – Ale Möller Trio with guests


10:00 Varbergs Kyrka – In Memoriam

11:30 Lilla Teatern, Komedianten, Varberg – Change Family – Musikfamiljen

13:30 Snäckan, Fyren, Kungsbacka – Change Family – Musikfamiljen

16:00 Varbergs Konsthall – Lisas – mästerligt och vackert (Lisa’s – brilliant and beautiful)

19:00 Varbergs Teater – A Moveable Feast/En fest för livet


13:00 Slottskyrkan, Tjolöholm Castle – Upplyst partnerskap (Enlightened Partnership)

15:00 Slottsparken, Tjolöholm Castle – I trädgården med Jane Austen (In the Garden with Jane Austen)

18:00 Slottshallen, Tjolöholm Castle – En Schubertiad (A Schubertiad)

20:30 Manegen, Tjolöholm Castle – Historien om en soldat (The Story of a Soldier

Change Music Festival 2015

“We’re seeking connections”

In today’s fragmented world, it’s getting more relevant to try to identify what we have in common. That’s why this year’s festival has “Connections” as a theme. Here, it means recognition and linking things together.

On the wall in my kitchen, I have a clock that’s a copy of a design produced by Leonardo Da Vinci at some point before his death in 1519. All those who see it are fascinated even before they discover who invented it or when. A moment of creative thought 500 years ago is just as amazing now as it was then. All science, literature and art has the potential to link together the past with the present and, by extension, with the future. This allows it to always be up-to-date and recognisable.

In keeping with Change Music Festival, there will be an exhibition of Elizabethan costumes at Tjolöholm Castle, with a unique collection of costumes from the film “Elizabeth I”.This is one of the festival’s strong connection points – a little detective work shows that a hymn with its origins in the Elizabethan period has been used and cited by composers such as Bach, Mendelsohn, Schumann and Hindemith, who all have their given place in the festival. The brilliant ensemble Stockholm Chamber Brass is also presenting a programme of British music spanning over the two Elizabethan eras, (Elizabeth I 1533–1603, Elizabeth II 1926–). The more intimate and deeply personal Renaissance repertoire is being performed by the extraordinary combination of Rubu Hughes (soprano) and Jonas Nordberg (lute).

As well as looking to the past and the future, we want to take a sideways glance at a certain selected point in time. This moment takes place around 1894, a time that links three masterpieces by three composers. The compositions will be performed at the festival’s opening concert, transformed from magnificent orchestral works into the more intimate format of the chamber orchestra.

Change Music Festival is a classical music festival at its heart, but creativity does not come in labelled boxes. The international airport in Romania is named after the fascinating musician and composer Georges Enescu (he was accepted to the Vienna Conservatoire as the ever youngest student at the age of seven). Enescu was a real lone wolf and his music is unique, encompassing both traditional classical music and folk music. He was also inspired by the wealth of European music that flourished around him. On 7 August at Tjolöholm there will be a rare opportunity to dive into Enescu’s musical worlds, with works being played on traditional instruments.

We are also seeking connections in other ways – the juggling circus artists Jay Gilligan and Erik Åberg bring surprises and joy to the festival’s two children’s performances. Jay Gilligan is returning in a ground-breaking music technology project with the composer Jesper Nordin, who adds an artistic edge to the festival.

Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble is presenting its own subversive versions of music from the world of film. Jazz singer Margareta Bengtson is on a collision course with the classical world, bringing together music from Bach to Kate Bush.

Svenska Kammarkören is investigating the cycle of life and death in an exciting collaboration with a string ensemble that includes Ellen Nisbeth and Claes Gunnarsson.

Räfven is concluding the festival with a new initiative for this year that combines their own music with a youth project led by percussionist Sebastian Ring. This project, known as “La Folia”, is based on a musical theme that more than 150 composers over three centuries have used in their works and that has made a lasting impact on Scandinavia folk music. The first documented use of the theme was as early as 1577.

Above all our most meaningful encounter/connection is with you and all of our spring audience. We are delighted that you’ll be joining us at this year’s edition of Change Music Festival and wish you a warm welcome!

2015 programme


14:30 Det blåser på fästningen (Brass at the Fortress) with Stockholm Chamber Brass, Varbergs Fästning

19:00 Opening concert: Tre Kompositörer – ett ögonblick i tiden (Three Composers – a Moment in Time), Kungsbacka Teater


13:00 Family performance – juggling and music, Snäckan, Kulturhuset Fyren, Kungsbacka

15:00 Utsökt sopran möter trollbindande luta (Exquisite soprano meets spellbinding lute), Emanuelskyrkan, Kungsbacka

18:00 Arvet efter Bach (Bach’s Legacy), Slottshallen, Tjolöholm Castle

20:30 Rumänsk musik i folkton (Romanian music in folk tones), Magasinet, Tjolöholm Castle


10:00 Svenska kammarkören med spets (Swedish Chamber Choir with an edge), Varbergs Kyrka

13:00 Family performance – juggling and music, Lilla Teatern, Kulturhuset Komedianten, Varberg

16:00 Gestrument och instrument (Guestruments and Instruments), Varbergs Konsthall, Kulturhuset Komedianten, Varberg

19.00 Kreativitet och galenskap (Creativity and Madness), Spegelsalen, Varbergs Stadshotell


11:00 En hyllning till Bach (A Tribute to Bach), Slottskyrkan, Tjolöholm Castle

15:00 Hitchcocks Psycho Live (Hitchcock’s Psycho Live), Magasinet, Tjolöholm Castle

18:00 Renässansens mästare (Renaissance Masters), Slottshallen, Tjolöholm Castle

20:00 Connections, “La Folia” and Räfven, Magasinet, Tjolöholm Castle

2015 artists

Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble, Malin Broman, Simon Crawford-Phillips, Malin William-Olsson, Fredrik Paulsson, Johannes Rostamo, Räfven, Svenska Kammarkören, Simon Phipps, Stockholm Chamber Brass, Margareta Bengtson, Karin Birgersson, Henrik Blixt, Niklas Brommare, Ionel Cristea, Sébastien Dubé, Daniel Frankel, Katharine Gowers, Claes Gunnarsson, Ruby Hughes, Jay Gilligan, Freiderika Hulman, Magnus Lanning, Hans Larsson, Cecile Hesselberg Loken, Ellen Nisbeth, Jesper Nordin, Jonas Nordberg, Martin Saving, Erik Åberg, Sebastian Ring, Olivier Patey.

Change Music Festival 2014
Voices of Change

During a moment in Vienna when Schubert heard Swedish tenor Isak Albert Berg sing the song “Se solen sjunker” (See the Setting Sun), it made such an impression on him that he felt obliged to use it in his own composition (Piano Trio No. 2 in E-flat major, D929).

Change Music Festival is all about such moments:

– the moment a fight broke out at a concert in Vienna in 1913 (Skandalkonzert)

– the moment when SeLest came up with the wonderful idea of doing their own version of

Mozart’s Requiem

– the moment when the juggler Jay Gilligan took the chance to interpret Steve Reich’s Clapping

Music in his own way

– the moment when Anne Sofie von Otter decided to guest our festival!

All these moments make something new happen, and it’s such moments that are the passion, soul and origin of our festival. Now that we’re embarking on yet another festival journey and entering the circle of creativity, we invite you to join us.

Without your presence, your testimony, there are no moments.

Our voice is our means of communication and perhaps our most valuable asset. Today, Change Music Festival is about voices – in all senses of the word. The voice of a composer, an artist or a director, the various voices from SeLest, Svenska Kammarkören, Ayla Kabaca and Anne Sofie von Otter, and all the musical voices from the sublime instrumentalists playing at the festival. A big thank you to them all.Thanks also to those whose voices were not heard during the festival, those who work together behind the scenes and are making it possible for Change Music Festival to take place this year too.

2014 programme


13:00 The festival kicks off with Trombone Class Hannover, Varbergs Fästning

15:00 Svenska Kammarkören (Swedish Chamber Choir), Borgården, Varbergs Fästning

19:00 Opening concert: Anne Sofie von Otter & Kungsbacka Pianotrio, Kungsbacka Teater


13:00 Family concert: Alice Tegner 150 years, Ayla Kabaca & Markus Kvint, Snäckan, Kulturhuset Fyren, Kungsbacka

14:00 Viola sonata by Johannes Brahms with Markus Kvint & Marie-Louise Broholt Jensen, Snäckan – Free entrance

15:00 Gothenburg Combo: ‘De sju kontinenterna’ (The Seven Continents), Emanuelskyrkan, Kungsbacka

19:00 Skandalkonzert part I, Anne Sofie von Otter & Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble, Slottshallen, Tjolöholm Castle

20:30 Skandalkonzert part II, Anne Sofie von Otter & Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble, Magasinet, Tjolöholm Castle


10:00 Nocturne in the morning!, Anne Sofie von Otter and Kungsbacka Piano Trio and others, Varbergs Kyrka

13:00 Family concert: Alice Tegner 150 years, Ayla Kabaca & Markus Kvint, Lilla Teatern, Kulturhuset Komedianten, Varberg

14:30 Viola sonata by Brahms and Rebecka Clarke with Markus Kvint & Marie-Louise Broholt Jensen, Lilla Teatern – Free entrance

16:00 Jay Gilligan – juggling, Varbergs Konsthall, Kulturhuset Komedianten, Varberg

19.00 Winds of Change, Varbergs Teater, Kulturhuset Komedianten, Varberg


11:00 Haydns mästerverk – Jesu sju sista ord (Haydn’s masterpiece – Seven Last Words of Christ), Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble with guests, Slottskyrkan, Tjolöholm Castle

13:00 Melancholia, Screening of Lars Von Trier’s film, Magasinet, Tjolöholm Castle

16:00 Threads, Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble, Magasinet, Tjolöholm Castle

18:00 Malinconia, Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble with guests, Slottshallen, Tjolöholm Castle

20:00 Mozart’s Requiem, SeLest, Magasinet, Tjolöholm Castle

2014 artists

Anne Sofie von Otter, Kungsbacka Piano Trio, Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble, Malin Broman, Simon Crawford-Phillips, Jesper Svedberg, Malin William-Olsson, Fredrik Paulsson, Johannes Rostamo, Hannover Trombones, Svenska Kammarkören, Simon Phipps, The Gothenburg Combo, SeLest, Adam Walker, Emmanuel Laville, Richard Hosford, Fredrik Ekdahl, Chris Parkes, Ayla Kabaca, Markus Kvint, Marie Macleod, Emilie Hörnlund, Jay Gilligan, Joanne Grüne-Yanoff.


Change Music Festival 2013

Change is a tribute to exactly what change is!

The venues for the festival have been expanded to include several new ones in Kungsbacka, in Varberg and at our annual residency at Tjolöholm Castle. Our vision is to seek out a creative environment where a myriad of styles, composers and world-class artists can come together and collaborate. This year’s programme offers a diverse repertoire, with concerts by Kungsbacka Piano Trio, Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble and Ensemble Lipparella in various constellations. The festival will also accommodate unique performances from the actor Jessica Zandén, TV personality Ayla Kabaca and the English folk singer Olivia Chaney.

Along with the festival’s ensembles, the following brilliant soloists and chamber musicians will come together in a varied programme with the aim of captivating their audience: Laurén Durantel, Fredrik Ekdahl, Thorsten Johanns, Anders Jonhäll, Eriikka Nylund, Chris Parkes, Jenny Sjöström, and from his hometown of Varberg, the young and talented Markus Kvint. Nor could we allow 2013 to pass us by without focusing especially on the anniversaries of John Dowland, Benjamin Britten and Francis Poulenc.

The common thread running through the festival is change, in all its forms. We are basing it around the music, watching it metamorphise through numerous styles, composers and prominent artists. Music to open our senses to music we have perhaps never heard before, and to shed new light on music we already know – without compromises and while being inviting to everyone. Be open to change.

2013 programme


19:00 Opening concert: Konserten som förändrade liv (The life-changing concert), Kungsbacka Teater


10:00 Masterclass, Snäckan, Kulturhuset Fyren, Kungsbacka

12:30 Discussion about the festival, Café Trubaduren, Kulturhuset Fyren, Kungsbacka

13.00 Family performance – Sagan om Babar, Snäckan, Kulturhuset Fyren, Kungsbacka

15:00 Back to Back, Emanuelskyrkan, Kungsbacka

19:00 Brahms – Revised and Revisited, Slottshallen, Tjolöholm Castle


10:00 Schubert Alone, Varbergs Kyrka

12.30 Discussion about the festival, Evenemangsplatsen, Kulturhuset Komedianten, Varberg

13:00 Family performance – Sagan om Babar (Babar the Elephant), Lilla Teatern, Kulturhuset Komedianten, Varberg

16:00 Chiaroscuro, Varbergs Konsthall, Kulturhuset Komedianten, Varberg

19.00 Revelations, Varbergs Teater, Kulturhuset Komedianten, Varberg


13:00 Divertissment, Slottskyrkan, Tjolöholm Castle

15:00 Olivia Chaney and friends, Magasinet, Tjolöholm Castle

17:00 A French Revolution, Magasinet, Tjolöholm Castle

19:00 Mad Men – Första och andra Wienskolan (Mad Men – First and Second Viennese School), Slottshallen, Tjolöholm Castle

2013 artists

Kungsbacka Piano Trio, Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble, Malin Broman, Simon Crawford-Phillips, Jesper Svedberg, Malin William-Olsson, Fredrik Paulsson, Johannes Rostamo, Ensemble Lipparella, Michael Bellini, Anna Lindal, Kerstin Frödin, Peter Söderberg, Louise Agnani, Anders Jonhäll, Ayla Kabaca, Christoffer Bergström, Emmanuel Laville, Eriikka Nylund, Fredrik Ekdahl, Chris Parkes, Lauréne Durantel, Markus Kvint, Jenny Sjöström, Jessica Zandén, Krzysztof Chorzelski, Olivia Chaney, Thorsten Johanns.